Saturday, December 6, 2014

Generating Ideas

Me, starting this blog very recently, I have a million ideas running through my head of what to blog about. But if you're having trouble thinking of ideas for a blog, YouTube videos, school essays, or any ideas for anything. Well here are 7 things you can do that may help. 

1. Take a walk. By taking a walk your mind will be able to drift off and think a whole lot easier than if you were in a classroom or office with a bunch of camotion around. 

2. Look at magazines or other blogs. Getting ideas from looking at things that involve the same concept as what your idea should be based around will help an idea evolve. 

3. Write in a journal. This is something that I have recently been doing. I do this not only to remember my ideas, but also when I think of a blog post, I write it down in my journal because once it's written down I somehow can really think about it. I then decide if it will make a good post. It's just like when our English teachers tell us to brainstorm and write all our ideas down, good or bad, because it will give us a better idea of if it'll work.

4. Get help from a friend or family member. I know, I know... Sometimes it's hard to ask for ideas because no matter what they say, you don't like any of the ideas they throw out. But even if that is the case, you may think of something after all of those ideas because even just one work they say can trigger an idea or picture of something. So even if you don't want the help but are out of ideas, just ask somebody. 

5. Observe more than usual. Instead of going through the day worrying about whatever is going on in your life, take sometime to really look at everyone and what they're doing or what they're wearing to get some ideas. Seeing something different than the usual stuff you see daily, will help to think outside of the box.

6. Let yourself zone out. I learned about this from my art 1 teacher last year. To become more creative sometimes you've gotta let yourself get into your zone and not talk to anybody and either listen to music to cancel out noises or be in silence to let your mind think without interruptions. It helps to use your right brain, and this is a way to train yourself to use that side of your brain.

7. Sleep on it. Sometimes when you're mind is overloaded and you just have no more ideas in your head, sleep on it. It's just like a phone or computer, when too much is going on and it is being overloaded with information, restarting it usually does the trick. So next time you are pooped with ideas, rest on it and start over the next day or even after your nap is over.

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