Monday, November 24, 2014

Plaid is always in style.

Sweater from JCrew; Scarf from JCrew; Jeggings from American Eagle; Black booties from JCrew

Flannel from Urban Outfitters; Jeggings from American Eagle; Nike Free 4.0 shoes

Plaid is one of those patterns, like stripes, that will always be in style. Just like our mothers who have had a little black dress for ages because it will always be appropriate. Almost anything nowadays comes in plaid. I've never been into the plaid skirts, except for in my elementary ages, but I love a plaid shirt or scarf. I haven't come along a plaid winter coat that I've loved quite yet, but I always find a plaid flannel. Plaid is a great way to wear multiple colors without it being overwhelming. Nicely worn on a night out, a quick run to the store, or worn to sporting events.

Keep it bright. Wearing plaid can either make or break the outfit. If I were to wear boring colors, then the outfit is just blah. But a bright red or blue then it makes the outfit fun and awake. Also wearing a neutral or plain color top piece with plaid will make the plaid *pop*!

Don't over do it. This goes for most patterns, but don't wear plaid on plaid. There are too many colors and stuff going on. It becomes very over whelming and ends up being a mess. 

Wear it at any time. Basically everybody can pull off plaid; a hardworking man, preppy lady, punk rocker, Scottish musician, your grandma, and anybody else imaginable. It's very easy to dress up and dress down plaid, or the proper term, tartan.

**photos taken by Ashton M


  1. You're gorgeous! and I absolutely loved both your outfits (:

  2. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me:)