Sunday, January 4, 2015

Anastasia Contour Kit

The Anastasia Contour Kit is used to 'sculpt and define your features with 6 powders designed to contour and highlight.' The raves about this palette have been so high and after many times of this product selling out on Sephora's website, I finally got my hands on it. First looking at it I couldn't imagine using all of these powders on my face, but of course when the girl at Sephora tested them on my face, I fell in love. If I had to say one negative thing about this palette, it would be that it does not have a mirror. For how big this product is, I would expect a mirror. But overall I give it five gold stars. *Cheers*

There are 3 powders for highlighting, vanilla, banana, and sand (shimmery). Then 3 powders for contouring, java (more of a bronzer), fawn (a cool tone powder for contouring), and havana. I use all 3 highlight powders, the vanilla to cancel out some of my dark circles, then the banana powder to brighten up my under eyes, and lastly the sand to highlight my cheekbones. Then with the contouring powders I use the fawn to contour the hollows of my cheeks and then java to warm up my face. I do not use havana because I think it is too dark for me right now. This contour kit will definitely be use until it is gone and I highly recommend this to anybody that uses powder bronzers and highlighters. 

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