Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Love Fall

November is here and it's just now feeling like fall is here down in Texas. This is such a great time of year. When you feel that crisp breeze as you walk outside, you know summer is gone and fall has taken its place. Every season has its goods and bads, but autumn has a particular beauty to it. There's sweaters, hot chocolate, cuddling, and amazing fashion. It's a time of year where I don't have to worry about sweating as soon as soon as I walk outside. Here in Texas, fall is not how it is in the north, unfortunately, it's still hot in the afternoon and cold in the morning. It's the perfect "sweater and shorts" weather that England has in the summer.

Number 1: Crisp Fall Air
Cold weather is what truely makes fall, fall! It creates a cozy atmosphere that brings family together. If it's family camp fires, holiday meals or even football games. The crisp, cool, non humid weather allows us to really enjoy nature and each other and be outside without worrying if we're going to sweat through our clothes or not. I find a lot of peace when fall comes around because the cool breeze is very soothing and allows me to relax with my cup of chai tea latte. 

Number 2: Cozy Sweaters
When it's chilly outside and I just want to be comfy and cute all at the same time, sweaters are the perfect way to go. They keep me warm and cozy (obviously), but they're seriously the best! They make me feel so relaxed and at ease. I don't really know what it is about long sleeve stuff in general, but it's my favorite. When it's a little cool outside, I can just slip on a sweater and some shorts and I'll be content. Layering is what sweaters are for as well. They can be pared with a button down, another sweater, or even a dress underneath. They make a lot of outfits look more layed back and not so uptight but still presentable like you really put a lot of thought into it. Put the diets aside! Who's going to notice the 5 pounds I've gained if I have a ton of layers on? Nobody because who really cares, everybody else is doing the same thing. 

Number 3: Cuddling
Cuddling is just like having a cozy sweater on, but with another person. It is a way to get away from everyday stress and just relax with your loved one. This brief break from the stress of everyday life will deepen your relationship and help relive some pain. I don't know about y'all but when I get to cuddle with my boyfriend, I feel so safe as if nothing can get me because he's there holding on to me and comforting me. Cuddling to me is like a security blanket. It makes me feel safe, relaxed and loved. Plus cuddling doesn't have a definition. It doesn't have to be with your partner but with a family member, pet, or even yourself by rubbing your own feet or shoulders. And if you're feeling a little anti-social but want to cuddle, go take a warm bath or go get a massage to get you feeling good.

Number 4: Pumpkin Everything
Out of all the different flavors of food and drinks, pumpkin has to be my favorite. Pumpkin just reminds me so much of the holidays no matter what time of year I concusme it. The spice that pumpkin has really brings the feeling that fall as truly come. It's crazy how many different things are pumpkin flavored. There's pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin purée, pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bars, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cake, and even pumpkin soup. Basically everything imaginable can be made in pumpkin flavor. 

Number 5: Football Season
Football season is a time where I can cheer and chant as much as I want as loud as I want just because ("Whoops!" inside of my head). To me, football season is basically the best sport season. The weather is usually very nice, I get to be around people who are for the same team as me, and it's great entertainment. Here in Texas, football is a very big thing. Me, being an Aggie (Texas A&M fan), football brings us fans together as a huge family. Just in general with being an Aggie, every Aggie fan is family. We are always there for eachother and if we lose, it's okay. We have such strong traditions that make every game day way more fun than it already is. For example there are the yell leaders that do hand signals that show what "yell" to do and then we have our Aggie War Hymn that we play/sing before the 4th quarter. During the Aggie War Hymn, there's a part that makes everybody become a whole lot closer to eachother, and that is you put your hands on each others shoulders and left foot infront of the persons right foot and we sway back and forth. There's something about football season in particular that brings fans together evn if you don't know them. 

Number 6: Fall Fashion
Fall fashion is iconic. It's so iconic that the fashion show for fall clothes is in the spring. It's the easiest time of year to be fashionable in my opinion. It's when you're able to bust out your most fashionable attire. During fall there are so many different options when it come to clothes, especially with all the new and reoccurring trends. There's riding boots, pea coats, flannels, and sweaters that are a must. But for fall 2014 we have stuff with geometric lines, sneakers (literally being worn with anything now), floral patterns, animal prints, menswear-inspired, sporty pants, patterns being paired with different patters, booties, block-heeled heels, and chunky shoes in general. 

Number 7: Dark Everything
Fall makeup dramatically changes once fall comes. Everything goes dark and bold. Dark smokey eyes, dark nails, dark lips, plum cheeks, and bold brows. Darker lips and nails are my absolute fave! When it comes the time where I can whip out my black nail polish again, I'm ready! Dark nails are my favorite ways to have my nails no matter the season. They edge any look up without actually wearing an edgy outfit. Now dark lips on the other hand are kind of a new adventure for me (by new I mean 2 years going). I've really been enjoying a nice deep red or a dark mauve rose. A bold lip is so easy! You don't really have to worry much about the rest of your face if you're going for a bold lip because the lips are going to be the center of attention. Which is probably why Allure magazine was talking about 'Cherry Lips and Big Sunglasses.' Even if you don't think you can pull off a bold lip, just try it, you may love it.

Number 8: Fall Candles
I know candles are great all year round, but during the colder times it's so nice to walk into your house or room when a fall scented candle is lit and makes the whole place smell warm and cozy enough to go lay on the couch with a warm fuzzy blanket and watch tv. One of my favorite fall scented candles are 'Mahogany Teakwood' from Bath and Body works, it smells like Abercrombie and Fitch threw up in your room when this is lit. I also like 'Cinnamon and Clove Buds from Bath and Body Works, it smells like straight up cinnamon and I absolutely love the spicey smell that cinnamon has. Lastly any kind of vanilla scented candles are fantastic. Vanilla anything is and always will be one of my favorite smells along side with rose.

Number 9: Changing Leaves
Like everything else on this list, the changing colors of the leaves show that fall is truly here. Unfortunately it's not here to stay though. But they are great while they're here. Even if you're an adult, when the leaves change colors and fall, it's an excuse for you to go and jump in the pile. Because honestly, who doesn't want to jump in a pile of leaves?

Number 10: A day closer to Christmas
I am like 99.9% positive that you really start to look forward to Christmas once fall is here. Well I am right there with you! Christmas is basically the definition to fall and winter. Just like Thanksgiving, it's family time & it's also time for you to say "get in my belly!" to all the amazing food. But with Christmas, there are gifts! Not just receiving them but also giving them. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE getting gifts because I absolutely love new things, but I love giving presents so much more. I love the preparation of figuring out what exactly to get people and wrapping the presents and then seeing their face when they open them. I feel like I have truly made someone's day when I give them a gift. Overall, now that it's fall I am way beyond pumped for Christmas. I've even made my Christmas list and the list of gifts I'm going to give to others.

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